What The Winemaker Doesn’t Tell You

When you think of the job “winemaking” you probably think it is the best job in the world… (and it most likely is) but it isn’t as glorious as it seems! We have pulled our winemaking team aside to interview them on what most people do not know about their job.  IMG_6322

One minor change can make/break the way your wine will turn out. For the most part wine makes itself, but there are certain points in time where the destiny of a wine is in the hands of the maker. One small mistake (i.e.mixing a blend wrong) can make or break the way the wine will turn out.

Winemaking is the only job you taste mysterious liquids to see what it is. Remember the time in Chemistry lab when the instructor kept reinforcing how important it is to not taste unknown liquids? Well throw that one out the window because most of the time that is how winemakers detect leaks around the tanks!


Winemaking is 90% cleaning. “We are just glorified janitors!” -Winemaker Josh Kelley. Believe it or not there is more cleaning in the wine making process than you could imagine from tanks, valves and glassware in the lab. The cleaning never ends!

Hurry up and wait… and while you’re waiting clean some more! Every season of the winemaking process is a time for waiting! Spring and Summer months are spent waiting for the grapes to mature and ripen for harvest season. When the grapes are ready for harvest, winemakers must hastily work to get the grapes off the vine and into the tanks for fermentation. Then… they have wait for the grape juice to turn into wine!


Heights. If you don’t like heights, then this definitely is not the job for you! Climbing barrels and 6,000 gallon tanks is a regular activity around here.

They wear more wine day to day than they drink. And sadly, they wear more wine on their clothes and in their shoes than they get to drink on the daily.




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