Summer Beach Wines

When packing up your tote to head to the beach don’t forget the most important item: a bottle of WINE! Discover your inner seaside-bum with the perfect combination of ocean, sand, and vino. There is nothing quite like sinking into a chair with a glass of your favorite summer wine while listening to the motion of the ocean.

Trio!; $14.61

This off-dry refreshing blend of Riesling, Muscat, and Barbera has delicate hints of Strawberry, Honeydew, and Pineapple which matches perfectly with a calm beach atmosphere!

Heavenly Peach; $14.15

This is the ultimate sweet wine for peach lovers! It’s juicy, succulent flavors of fresh peach is hard to pass up on a hot summer day lounging by the ocean! 

Golden Rose; $13.70

Next up, our most popular wine is a sweet, rich red wine bursting with the robust flavor of Tennessee Concord grapes! It is excellent for parties on the beach or mouth watering sangria! 

Riesling; $14.61

This off-dry Riesling shines with notes of citrus and honey aromas leading into a green apple, lemon, and nectarine finish making this wine a great companion to many beach snacks! 

Gov’s White; $13.70

Gov’s White is a delicate blend of Muscat and Traminette grapes with floral aromas of fresh wild flowers supporting a silky smooth finish. Pairs well with coastal shrimp, of course! 

Head on over to our website for more information regarding these wines!


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