Slushie Season Is Here!



Now Featured at DJ on the Dock!

Slushies seem to be the “hot” item this summer, and not to be outdone by Sonic or any other slushie gurus, we are trying our own hand at this fun treat for the hot months of the year. Our version is a wine slushie, of course, and we are calling it a Blushie! 

It is a delicious and enticing blend of our Blush wine and a tropical fruit punch, frozen to a slushy perfection! And it is so cool! Literally!

No slushie mix needed, no powder packages to purchase and blend. Ours is simply Beachaven Blush and Tropical fruit punch that can be purchased at the grocery for 88 cents per 2 litre bottle. Add a little water, and you’re done! You don’t even have to freeze it. It would be a great punch or sangria (just add a little fresh fruit), stick a cocktail umbrella in it and you are off to the beach!!!!

We will be selling this great concoction at DJ on the Dock on June 29 and July 13 and July 27.  We will also serve them on select Saturdays so you can enjoy a cool drink while you relax under a shade tree in the vineyard picnic area!


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