Wine in Grocery Stores

Drive that extra mile. Visit a Tennessee winery (or any local winery if you live in another state) where you can TASTE BEFORE YOU BUY!


Beachaven’s Ultimate Eclipse Experience

I couldn’t believe that all the hype that preceded the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, was actually justified.  I mean, how exciting could it be?  People travelling half way round the world to see a 2 minute and 37 second phenomenon in Clarksville, Tennessee…….really?  Hotels being sold out; roads being jammed with traffic;…

Save Your Wine For Another Time!

Ever hate to open that good bottle of wine because you KNOW you are only going to drink half of it and you don’t want to risk wasting the rest? Here’s an old-time solution! Judge Beach lived and consumed wine before the days of modern preserving devices that take the oxygen off your bottle of wine. He…

Welcome Home, Veterans!

Try to visualize what drivers will see driving down 1-24 as they come up on 500 American flags flying behind the Vietnam Veterans’ wall in front of Beachaven Winery! What can say “We proudly support our troops!” better than that?

Slushie Season Is Here!

Slushies seem to be the “hot” item this summer, and not to be outdone by Sonic or any other slushie gurus, we are trying our own hand at this fun treat for the hot months of the year.

Reflections on 30 Years in the Wine Business – by Louisa Cooke

June 1, 1986. Judge Beach and his partner son-in-law, Ed Cooke, and Judge’s daughter, Louisa Cooke, waited anxiously for the ten o’clock hour when Beachaven Vineyards and Winery would officially open its doors for business. We were all a bundle of nerves; hopes, fears, and anxiety filled our hearts and stomachs!

All I Want For Christmas Is WINE!

Join us for our annual Holiday Open House for wine tastings, live Christmas music, holiday shopping, delicious hors d’oeuvres and more!

Summer Beach Wines

It’s beach season! Be an educated beach-bum when it comes to selecting the perfect wine for your next vacation!